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The Power of Vision

How did most of a sixth grade class in a neighborhood where few students even finish high school beat the odds and go to college? How do organizations inspire their employees to be more than observers, to actively create their futures? The Power of Vision demonstrates that having a positive vision of the future is the most forceful motivator for change for success that companies, schools, communities, nations, and individuals possess. Unforgettable and moving, The Power of Vision will inspire the people in your organization to think together, dream together, and act together to make a difference. Having a positive vision of the future is what gives meaning to our present life.

KEY CONCEPTS INCLUDE: Create A Compelling Vision That Goes Beyond Numbers; Challenge Others To Stretch Beyond Their Perceived Limits; Inspire A Personal, Daily Connection To A Shared Vision; and Improve Decision Making.

RESOURCE LINK  It is available on loan from the Churchnet office.

Recommended by Churchnet Staff:
This video can help you church leadership understand the significant of a vision for the future of your ministry.