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The Equiping Church Guidebook

Like a building site well-stocked with quality raw materials, your church abounds with possibilities–life-changing ministries just waiting to be developed. The Equipping Church Guidebook shows you how. Refining and expanding groundbreaking material, this in-depth approach helps you identify, equip, and empower lay ministers who will profoundly influence your church and your community. Behind this volume lies a massive body of research on hundreds of equipping churches across the country. Now you and your leadership team can reap the benefits with this exhaustive, hands-on resource. Nothing else compares with it. Designed and field-tested by today’s leading architects of equipping ministry, Leadership Training Network, The Equipping Church Guidebook is a blueprint for custom-building the systems and culture that are ideal for your church. The Equipping Church Guidebook includes: Detailed information, clear instructions, and helpful examples; Abundant charts, graphs, and diagrams; Worksheets and assessment forms to help you apply the concepts in this book; Practical suggestions and checklists; and “Contractors’ Conferences” to foster dialogue and decision making as a leadership team. Together with The Equipping Church, this guidebook helps you and your leadership team catch and implement the vision of Ephesians 4: 11-13-equipping the saints for works of service that lead to spiritual maturity-in your church. One of the most challenging and exciting journeys in your church’s life lies ahead of you. Let the adventure begin!


Recommended by Verlyn Bergen:
It is the most comprehensive resource for materials and process for the equipping church.