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The 5 Waves of Trust

The ability to build trust is a key competency for leaders today. Great leaders don’t dictate, they influence. And influence comes from a leader’s ability to engender credibility and inspire people to both believe them and believe in them. Produced by FranklinCovey, the videos on this DVD create trustworthy leaders for whom team members readily volunteer their best efforts. The 5 Waves of Trust is a power-packed DVD containing eight separate video segments. The series is based on the premise that there are various layers of trust to which today’s leaders must be attuned: Self Trust, Relationship Trust, Organizational Trust, Market Trust and Societal Trust. Each of the videos is designed to build awareness and spark discussion in one or more of these areas. This video is available on loan from the Churchnet office.

Recommended by Churchnet Staff:
This is a very helpful series of videos to help individuals and teams understand the nature and impact of trust for organizations and in the achieving of goals.