Resources for Victims


Churchnet is seeking to reach out to persons who have been victims of sexual abuse at church. Utilizing a grant recently received, the Congregational Health Team of Churchnet is prepared to assist those who confidentially contact us for help.

It is well understood that sexual abuse at church, particularly at the hands of clergy, does enormous damage emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Too often church organizations have attempted to quietly brush aside reports of misconduct to avoid “conflict in the church.” The victims of abuse have been victimized a second time by uncaring and unsympathetic church structures that have been more concerned about their images than the wellbeing and recovery of the persons offended.

Churchnet is forming a network of survivors of clergy abuse, and we are developing a list of psychologists and therapists in various parts of Missouri who specialize in sexual abuse treatment and recovery. The Churchnet website has links to a list of books that provide valuable information on the subject, and there are websites listed for organizations that offer resources.

If you have been hurt by sexual abuse at church, whether it was recent or years in the past, we want to help you. We can enable you to speak with persons who have shared similar experiences and with professionals who can help you overcome.

You can begin the process of getting help by contacting our Interim Strategy Development Team Leader, Dr. Jim Hill. His phone number is (888) 420-2426, ext. 705, and his email is: