Search Resources

Our Services

Churchnet is available to assist local churches and ministers in several specific ways:

First, Churchnet recommends that local churches provide training and orientation for their search committees. Churchnet will provide someone free of charge to assist your committee with this initial training. In addition, Churchnet will provide the following services:

  • Pastor Search Guide Notebook for every member of the Pastor Search Committee (hard copy in notebook)
  • Church Staff Search Guide Notebook for every member of the Church Staff Search Committee (hard copy in notebook)
  • Pastor Search Survey – online and hard copy
  • Church Profile – online and hard copy
  • Church Profile Matching Report
  • Leadership Inventory – for the entire search committee – online
  • Leadership Inventory – for all candidates being – online
  • Unlimited Minister Profiles on all candidates when the church expresses an interest – online

Healthy Partnerships Needed

The foundation of healthy partnerships between ministry leaders and churches is complete, comprehensive information disclosure from both entities. This is the reason we recommend the Minister Profile and the Church Profile. The Minister Profile and Church Profile are designed to complement each other in such a way that real matching can occur.

Description: Different sections are included in the Church Profile and the Minister Profile.

  • Personal Information
  • Doctrine
  • Philosophy of Ministry
  • Ministry Experience
  • Financial

The Leadership Inventory service provided by Churchnet will provide a more comprehensive analysis of the candidate’s compatibility with the congregation. Send an e-mail to or contact Dr. Jim Hill, Strategy Development Team Leader ( to request assistance for your search committee.

Sources for Resumes for Churches Seeking Pastors and Staff

Churchnet is often asked for resumes in the search processes. Out of respect for the matching principle, we do not supply resumes en masse to churches. Why not? Because we believe that there is a much better way that will provide more success to churches honestly seeking the best fit for their congregation.

We strongly suggest that search committees start asking a basic question, ‘Who do we know and trust to provide us with names that we know are the kind of candidates that we would want to consider?’ This could be a former, trusted pastor or another pastor you know well. Members of the search committee will know individuals to whom they can turn for recommendations. The question many churches ask first is, ‘Where can I get names?’ We believe the more basic question–Who could provide us with a recommendation?–is a better place to begin.

Search Committee Network

Churchnet also has a Search Committee Network. This is an email network of Baptist pastors, staff members, and lay leaders from across the state. We share information as needed regarding churches seeking pastors and staff members. Search committees have the opportunity to share specific information regarding their congregation and their search priorities. We can also provide specific contact information for your search committee. This allows the Network members to share recommendations through the convention or directly with your search committee. We have found this process to be very helpful in identifying possible candidates for Missouri congregations. If you would like to share information about your search process with the Search Committee Network send an e-mail to Churchnet is also willing to suggest other possible sources of resumes with your search committee, if they are needed.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Dr. Jim Hill, Strategy Development Team Leader, at Churchnet, P. O. Box 508, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0508 or call (888) 420-2426 Ext. 705, or email him at