Ministry Placement

Ministers Seeking a Ministry Opportunity

Leadership is the key to the health of any organization or institution. Churchnet is committed to assisting local churches as they seek God’s will in calling pastors and staff members. We are also committed to assisting God-called ministers as they seek God’s will concerning a place of ministry. We believe in healthy ministry partnerships between ministers and congregations. We also realize the process of calling a new pastor or staff member is not an easy task.

Since leadership is the key to the health of churches, when right leaders are in the right place at the right time, church health can and does occur. Churchnet provides a uniquely professional system for pastoral calling. It is based on the premise that effective ministry matching occurs when there is comprehensive information and analysis.

Our Ministry Goals

    1. Churchnet is committed to helping churches with the “calling” process.  Our conviction is that most people have not had an opportunity to serve on a search committee for any minister for their church. We want to provide a clear process and the resource materials needed to assist search committees as they lead their congregations to call a pastor or staff member.
    2. Churchnet is committed to helping churches and ministers find the right match.  We also believe that churches can become healthier when they are successfully matched in as many areas as possible with their ministry staff. These areas include: doctrine, ethics, issues affecting the church, marital and family issues, temperament, leadership style, gifts and values, financial understandings, and others. This is not just about placement, but matching.

Churchnet believes that one of the greatest needs for congregational health is the right leader in the right place at the right time.

Invitation to Ministers

Churchnet wants to assist ministers who are actively seeking God’s will for their ministries. Here is how we do that best:

    1. We invite you as a minister to enter our Churchnet database. To do so requires the completion of a Minister Profile. The same Profile is used for all ministry positions including those persons who desire to serve on a church staff in some capacity other than the Lead or Senior Pastor. If you select the second or third choice on the first item of the Minister Profile you can be assured that your profile will not be shared or viewed by anyone other than the Churchnet staff and the Pastor Search Committee that may have requested you to complete this profile. YOUR PRIVACY WILL BE RESPECTED! There is no charge to enter the Churchnet database and you receive the following services:
        1. You will receive a printable copy of your completed Minister Profile by e-mail.
        2. You have the right to send that Profile to any church or ministry organization you want for as long as you want.
        3. You have the right, free of any charges, to update your Profile in the database at any time. You will receive instructions for accessing the profile.
        4. It is your responsibility to keep it updated, and we encourage you to do that monthly. An out-of-date Profile given to a church is no help to them and reflects poorly on the minister who said it was current.
        5. You may ask us to delete your Profile at any time.

      If you are ready to complete a Minister Profile contact Dr. Jim Hill at (888) 420-2426 Ext. 705 or

    2. Churches who request Churchnet’s search committee services complete an intensive Church Profile that matches a Minister Profile. When churches request resumes to complement the ones they have received from other sources, our team searches for profiles that come as close as possible to their Church Profile. Those profiles then are forwarded on to the local church at no charge to that church.

Once a church has begun the process of searching for candidates for a ministry position, they may request that the candidate complete the Leadership Inventory. It provides additional information regarding the candidates ministry gifts, values, leadership roles, leadership styles, preferences, personality and life experiences.

For more information contact the Churchnet offices or Dr. Jim Hill, (888) 420-2426 x705 or