Our Mission is Serving Churches!

Potts Describes Heart for Missions

by Brian Kaylor
(photo by Bill Webb/Word&Way)

Donna Potts gave her first president’s address at Churchnet’s 2014 Annual Gathering. Elected last year as the first woman and first layperson to serve as Churchnet’s president, Potts was reelected this year without any opposition. Feeling that many Churchnet individuals did not know her well, Potts offered a mostly biographical look at her ministry and missions efforts, weaving in key lessons about serving others and joining with the global Baptist family.

Potts drew on two different TV viewing experiences to sum up her thoughts on missions. She noted that food shows are popular because “people can watch them, they can go buy the ingredients, and they can end up with the exact same delicious dish that the cook on TV did.” Yet, she also noted that her husband can watch Tiger Woods golf and then go use the same club and swing the same way but still “cannot play like Tiger Woods.”

“Missions is a little bit like both of those examples,” she said. “You can watch a missionary from afar and try to accomplish the same things and missions does get done. But you can watch and use your talents and your gifts that God gave just to you, and you can listen for God’s direction, and you can do missions in just the way that you’re supposed to do it. God doesn’t need stars, he uses ordinary people with a heart for helping the lost.”

“I hope you say ‘yes’ when missions opportunity comes your way,” Potts added. “Churchnet is here to serve churches, and those churches are full of hurting people. The world is waiting, and we need to share God’s love to all individuals inside and outside the church.”