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Hathcock Joins Churchnet Staff

Trey Hathcock recently joined the Churchnet staff to serve as the Generational Engagement Team Leader. Hathcock, a former Churchnet Board member, will also continue in his role as minister of students and media at University Heights Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo.

“I’m excited to welcome Trey Hathcock to the Churchnet team,” said Brian Ford, Churchnet’s executive director. “He brings youth, fresh ideas, and a wealth of information and experience to the table as the new Generational Engagement Team Leader. He is doing the work of building relationships and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with new generations and cultures in his current ministry context and will be a great coach for congregations and individuals attempting to do the same in their own contexts.”

The Generational Engagement Team is one of Churchnet’s four strategic areas of focus, along with Missional Collaboration, Strategy Development, and Community Involvement. Brian Kaylor, Churchnet’s Associate Director, previously led the team.

“I’m excited to take on a bigger role with Churchnet by leading the Generational Engagement Team,” Hathcock said. “I’m looking forward to helping churches become inter-generational and use the gifts and talents of their people to build God’s kingdom.”

You can contact Hathcock at thathcock@churchnet.org or 888-420-2426 ext. 705.

Churchnet’s mission remains to serve churches by fostering collaboration and hope for engaging new generations and cultures. Learn more: churchnet.org.