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Churchnet Opposes ‘Bible Literacy’ Bills

Churchnet declares its opposition to proposed legislation in the Missouri House and Senate to encourage ‘Bible literacy’ classes in public high schools. The bills (HB 267, HCR 13, and SCR 13) purport to promote the instruction of the Bible as a nonreligious text with influence on U.S. literature, history, governance,

Churchnet Leaders Participate at NABF Meeting

Escaping 14 inches of snow, two Churchnet leaders managed to trek to Orlando, Florida, on January 14 for a meeting of the North American Baptist Fellowship. Churchnet is a member body of NABF, which unites 22 Baptist bodies with more than 19 million members in Canada and the United States.

Hathcock Joins Churchnet Staff

Trey Hathcock recently joined the Churchnet staff to serve as the Generational Engagement Team Leader. Hathcock, a former Churchnet Board member, will also continue in his role as minister of students and media at University Heights Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo. “I’m excited to welcome Trey Hathcock to the Churchnet team,”

State Baptist Group Supports ‘Johnson Amendment’

Churchnet, also known as the Baptist General Convention of Missouri, declares its opposition to repealing the IRS’s political activity ban (also known as the “Johnson Amendment”). The rule, which prevents houses of worship and many other tax-exempt nonprofits from endorsing political candidates, has made headlines this week in the U.S.

Churchnet Hosts Amanda Tyler of BJC

On October 30, Churchnet hosted a breakfast event featuring a presentation by Amanda Tyler, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. Tyler talked about the historic Baptist heritage of advocating religious liberty for all, with quotations from Baptists like Thomas Helwys, Roger Williams, and John Leland. She

Churchnet Hosts Shane Claiborne, Starsky Wilson

On Friday, September 29, the Churchnet Fall Gathering took place on the campus of Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, Mo. Plenary speakers Starsky Wilson and Shane Claiborne challenged the audience on issues of racism, capital punishment, and Christianity. Breakout Sessions were led by David Gerth of Metropolitan Congregations United, Cassandra