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Natural Church Development

Critics of the church growth movement have often emphasized the need for quality Congregations. “Don’t focus on numerical growth, concentrate on qualitative growth.” Christian Schwarz agrees wholeheartedly! Through careful research, Christian Schwarz has verified the link between church health and growth. Having worked among German churches for a number of years, he has broadened his studies to include churches from around the world. To my knowledge, there has never been such an extensive, statistically valid, worldwide church growth research project ever conducted. The research results confirm what many leaders have known intuitively–that healthy churches are growing churches, making more and better disciples in loving obedience to Christ. You will find through “Natural Church Development” a greater understanding of how God wants his church to grow. You will learn how to release the growth potential within your church. Read it, ponder it and take the next steps to becoming a healthy, growing, reproducing church!


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There are a host of Natural Church Development materials available through the link to ChurchSmart Resources. Please contact the Churchnet staff for church coaching and for any questions you have regarding NCD.