Officers & Board Members

The Board of Directors serve rotating terms of three years and are eligible for re-election for second term. New members of the board of directors are elected at the annual gathering of Churchnet which is normally held in March or April each year. The current officers & board members and their terms are listed below. The years indicate when the terms end. The (L) indicates lay person and the (M) indicates minister.  We also have some additional Team Members assisting with our ministry who are not currently serving on our Board of Directors.


President – Forestal Lawton (L)
Vice President – Rocky Good (M)
Secretary – Amanda Evans (L)

Board of Directors

Ken Chapman (M), California, 2018

Mike Cosgrove (M), St. Joseph, 2018

Bruce Gentry (M), Cape Girardeau, 2018

Trey Hathcock (M), Springfield, 2018

Bill Miller (M), Farmington, 2018

Steve Stratton (L), Liberty, 2018

Terrell Carter (M), St. Louis, 2019

Mike Cowan (L), Oak Ridge, 2019

Tonny Hammond (L), Jefferson City, 2019

Tim Kelley (L), Savannah, 2019

Cheriese Nims (L), Lee’s Summit, 2019

Donna Potts (L), Bridgeton, 2019

Doyle Sager (M), Jefferson City, 2019

Steve Wenninger (L), Farmington, 2020

Cynthia Saddler (M), Kansas City, 2020

Lucy Engelbrecht (L), Tipton, 2020

Jeff Buscher (M), Liberty, 2020

Jim Bender (M), Ashland, 2020

Additional Team Members

Jeanie McGowan (Community Involvement), Jefferson City

Tim Schultz (Generational Engagement), Wappapello

Mauricio Vargas (Missional Collaboration), Jefferson City