Philosopher John Dewey strongly believed that communication was essential to community building. He argued: “There is more than a verbal tie between the words common, community, and communication. Men live in a community in virtue of the things which they have in common; and communication is the way in which they come to possess things in common. What they have in common in order to form a community or society are aims, beliefs, aspirations, knowledge—a common understanding.”

In order to bring together the community of Baptists in Missouri, Churchnet has several ways of communicating with people and churches—this website, the Churchnet page found in each issue of the Word&Way, and a free monthly e-magazine. Brian Kaylor, Editorial Assistant, serves as the Churchnet communications specialist. He is putting communication resources together in order to bring together this unique and important community of Baptists. His role and my vision for these publications is two-fold.

First, Churchnet strives to let you know about our ministries. We hope to keep you informed of what is going on, resources that are available for you and your church, and upcoming opportunities. Our First Priority is SERVING Churches! Thus our first priority is not to “spin” the news to make the Churchnet look good (we do without any spin), but to help communicate ways we can help you and your church.

Second, We want to help share your stories! Brian would love to tell about the exciting things you and your church are doing to engage the future with hope.  We want to share more of your stories for a couple of reasons. We want to highlight the great things you are doing as a way of encouraging you, and we want to share these stories to help inspire or connect other churches that may be considering starting similar ministries. Through the Churchnet Word&Way page, the e-magazine, and our website, we hope to highlight the ways you and your church are sharing the love of Jesus with your community and beyond.

Therefore we have one simple request: send us your stories! Let us know what you, your ministry, or your church is doing to help share the love of Jesus. Send information and photos and we will gladly include it in an upcoming issue of one of our publications. We cannot communicate what you are doing unless you first communicate with us. Help us share your story with the rest of our Baptist community. Send Brian a note at or call him at (888) 420-2426 Ext. 704.

Check-out Brian’s Book…

For God’s Sake Shut Up!

Lessons for Christians on How to Speak Effectively and When to Remain Silent
by Brian Kaylor

shutupCongratulations to Brian Kaylor, Editorial Assistant for Churchnet, on the publication of his book. Smyth & Helwys recently published Brian’s book, “For God’s Sake Shut Up!” The old maxim is true: sometimes it is not just what you say, it is how you say it. One of the great problems in the Christian community today is a general inability to communicate effectively without polarizing or driving people away. Sometimes the greatest problem is the seeming inability of many Christians to learn the truth of another old maxim: silence is golden. For God’s Sake, Shut Up! offers numerous insights for Christian leaders and followers who desire to share their beliefs in more meaningful and effective ways. Brian is a doctoral student in communication at the University of Missouri, where he also teaches undergraduate communication courses. He has presented over two dozen academic papers at communication conferences and won several awards for his writings. Kaylor previously served as pastor of Union Mound Baptist Church and graduated from Southwest Baptist University.

For God’s Sake Shut Up!