Ministry Partners

Some have suggested that we are moving into a “post-denominational era” when denominations will no longer be relevant. Churchnet believes denominational relationships will continue to be important for churches, but only when the organization understands that churches are God’s primary agency for Kingdom work. Denominational organizations only exist to serve and facilitate the ministry of local churches. Churches do not serve the denomination, rather the convention is to serve and assist churches.

If you are tired of denominational conflict or convention organizations that are focused on their own needs, we invite you to explore Churchnet. Come learn about a new way to cooperate that is based upon historic Baptist principles. Explore with us how God might use our churches to reach our world for Christ. We are committed to strategic partnerships and genuine collaboration with our institutional partners as we seek to serve churches.

Our Cooperative Giving Budget allows churches and individuals to financially support a variety of institutions and ministries in Missouri, across our nation, and around the world. Click the links below to visit the websites of these regional ministry partners and learn more about their ministries.