Ministry Partners

The 21st century has brought many new challenges and opportunities to local churches. There are a wide variety of resource and relationship options available to congregations. Some have suggested that we are moving into a “post-denominational era” when denominations will no longer be relevant. Churchnet believes denominational relationships will continue to be important for churches, but only when the organization understands that churches are God’s primary agency for Kingdom work. Denominational organizations only exist to serve and facilitate the ministry of local churches. Churches do not serve the denomination, rather the convention is to serve and assist churches.

Our Vision 2020 strategic plan continues to focus our attention on the need to serve churches. It is about acknowledging that the convention exists to serve churches and church leaders. It is about focusing on the needs of local congregations and seeking to minimize bureaucracies and overhead. It is an effort to remember that conventions are merely the way churches cooperate to strengthen their ministries and do together what they would not be able to do alone. Churchnet is committed to this emerging paradigm.

If you are tired of denominational conflict or convention organizations that are focused on their own needs, we invite you to explore Churchnet. Come learn about a new way to cooperate that is based upon historic Baptist principles. Explore with us how God might use our churches to reach our world for Christ.

Churchnet also believes each church should determine how and with whom they will cooperate for Kingdom work. Each congregation has the freedom to determine what national and international relationships they will form to enhance their ministry. Churchnet will never try to make these decisions for local churches. Churchnet is open to serving you and your church whether you are financially supporting our ministry or not. We believe God will provide the resources for our ministry if we are faithful in serving churches.

Churchnet is a ministry of the Baptist General Convention of Missouri. Churchnet is a member of the North American Baptist Fellowship, the Baptist World Alliance, and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. We also have a partnership relationship with Texas Baptists and collaborate with the Baptist General Association of Virginia and the D. C. Baptist Convention as well as a variety of other ministry organizations.

We are available to assist pastors and congregations as they examine the issues related to their denominational relationships. We want to offer support and assistance for disenfranchised churches and pastors. Click the Ministry Partners sub-menu links at the left to see our Local and our National & World ministry partners. Please call on us if you need assistance or have questions.

Institutional Reports

Churchnet is collaborating with our institutional partners to provide brief video reports for use by congregations. Check out the this year’s videos on the “Institutional Videos” menu item under “Partners” above.