Strategic Initiatives are the areas where decisive action must be taken if we are to reach our goals, fulfill our vision, and achieve our mission. When an organization identifies the strategic initiatives it is saying, “We cannot do everything, but these things we must do!” What are the broad areas where we need to take decisive action as we serve churches? Churchnet identified four Strategic Initiatives for our ministry for 2015 through 2020.  One of these initiatives is Strategy Development.  Our Strategy Development Team gives leadership to our efforts to assist congregations as they develop hope-filled strategies for their ministry.  The list below provides an overview of some of the activities and approaches this team is seeking to utilize as they serve churches.


Develop Hope-Filled Strategies

Assist congregations as they seek God’s will and shape a positive future for ministry.

  • Provide assistance to congregations in securing and interpreting demographic and lifestyle data regarding their communities
  • Assist congregations in developing, completing, and interpreting congregational and community surveys
  • Offer a variety of models and approaches to strategic planning for congregations
  • Assist congregations with training and support as they identify and implement needed changes
  • Develop resources to assist congregations with spiritual disciplines and discernment processes by creating space for: meditation, prayer, listening, fasting, and conversation
  • Assist congregations in identifying and responding to current challenges and realities

Four preliminary Funding Priorities were identified for this initiative during our planning process:

  • Demographics & assessments
  • Strategic planning consultations
  • Training events & resources
  • Discernment practices

The Strategy Development Team of Churchnet is charged with helping churches develop “Hopeful Strategies” for the future. We will be offering assistance to churches to help them be INTENTIONAL about their future, and to help them be HOPEFUL about the future.

We are living in a time that can be frustrating and discouraging for churches. Our culture is sometimes called “Post-Christian,” meaning that people calling themselves Christian and going to church on Sundays is no longer the norm. The Baptist church was once the center of life in many communities; that is no longer the case.

Many, in fact most, of our churches had their biggest attendance and more prosperous years in the 1950s and 1960s. Dealing with this reality of church being smaller, less popular and more difficult is the challenge of our day. But there is HOPE in the Gospel. The finished work of Jesus and the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit among us can transform lives, churches and communities. Churchnet wants to be your partner in seeing this happen in your community.

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