Strategic Initiatives are the areas where decisive action must be taken if we are to reach our goals, fulfill our vision, and achieve our mission. When an organization identifies the strategic initiatives it is saying, “We cannot do everything, but these things we must do!” What are the broad areas where we need to take decisive action as we serve churches? Churchnet identified four Strategic Initiatives for our ministry for 2015 through 2020.  One of these initiatives is Community Involvement.  Our Community Involvement Team gives leadership to our efforts to assist congregations as they seek to expand involvement in their communities.  The list below provides an overview of some of the activities and approaches this team is seeking to utilize as they serve churches.


Expand Community Involvement

Help congregations understand and engage the issues confronting people in their communities.

  • Help churches share hope by engaging the social and justice issues in their communities
  • Offer models, resources, and training for contextualized community involvement and advocacy
  • Provide resources and hands-on projects to help congregations engage current realities
  • Help congregations develop strategies for building sustainable relationships in their communities
  • Assist congregations as they address problems to creatively transform their communities
  • Help congregations prepare for and deal with the change and potential conflict that may come from engaging changing communities

Four preliminary Funding Priorities were identified for this initiative during our planning process:

  • Community advocacy
  • Training events & resources
  • Community assessment
  • Hands-on projects

For more information or to request assistance contact Owen Taylor at (888) 420-2426 Ext. 708 or