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When Helping Hurts

I highly recommend this book. One of the most important things for us to find is good, appropriate small group curriculum. Its sometimes difficult to find small group curriculum we want to use that is also theologically in line with where we are as a church. Richard Peace’s small group

The 3 Colors of Ministry

Do you know how God designed you to serve? Would you like to use your spiritual gifts to their full potential? “The 3 Colors of Ministry” presents a holistic approach to identifying and developing your spiritual gifts. It is based on the three dimensions of God’s nature, for which the

The 3 Colors of Love

How well developed is the fruit of the Spirit in your life? Love. It is one of the most central words of Christian theology, and yet one of the foggiest words on planet earth. Many Christians who use this term communicate a clearly secular understanding rather than a fully biblical

Baptist and Religious Liberty

Religious freedom involves both a freedom from and a freedom for:freedom from efforts by either government or religious organizations to coerce religious beliefs or practices or to require support, financial or otherwise, of religion; freedom for the practice of religious convictions without interference from government or religious organizations as long