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Strategy Planning

The New Business of Paradigms

Joel Barker’s NEW Business of Paradigms includes the original Classic Edition, which uses the same powerful stories and examples from the original program, and the 21st Century Edition, which offers all new examples and stories to illustrate recent paradigms shifts. For more than a decade, Joel Barker has helped us

The Power of Vision

How did most of a sixth grade class in a neighborhood where few students even finish high school beat the odds and go to college? How do organizations inspire their employees to be more than observers, to actively create their futures? The Power of Vision demonstrates that having a positive

Congregational Wellness Inventory

This instrument, designed by Dr. Robert L. Perry, is intended to help church leaders evaluate the relative level of organizational health currently found in their congregations. It should be understood that the instrument only provides an assessment of how the person completing the survey sees the current level of church

Natural Church Development

Critics of the church growth movement have often emphasized the need for quality Congregations. “Don’t focus on numerical growth, concentrate on qualitative growth.” Christian Schwarz agrees wholeheartedly! Through careful research, Christian Schwarz has verified the link between church health and growth. Having worked among German churches for a number of