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The Giving Life

Teaching church members Biblical stewardship is at the heart of Christian discipleship. A church’s stewardship program and resource base only grows as individual members and families come to understand the nature of Christian discipleship and then apply the principles of Biblical stewardship to their everyday lives. Churchnet is committed to

The 5 Waves of Trust

The ability to build trust is a key competency for leaders today. Great leaders don’t dictate, they influence. And influence comes from a leader’s ability to engender credibility and inspire people to both believe them and believe in them. Produced by FranklinCovey, the videos on this DVD create trustworthy leaders

The New Business of Paradigms

Joel Barker’s NEW Business of Paradigms includes the original Classic Edition, which uses the same powerful stories and examples from the original program, and the 21st Century Edition, which offers all new examples and stories to illustrate recent paradigms shifts. For more than a decade, Joel Barker has helped us

Give’em the Pickle!

PICKLES are those special or extra things you do to make people happy. It’s a hand written thank you note with every order shipped. It’s walking the customer to the item they’re looking for rather than pointing… or maybe it’s simply calling them by name. The trick is figuring out

The Spirit at Work

Have you ever been connected with a group of people who were faced with an almost impossible task? Perhaps together you put in the extra effort to get the new product out. You pulled together and set aside ego and title, just rolled up your sleeves and got the job