Church Beyond Wall

by Brian Ford

As I scroll through my social media feeds this week, I am inspired by the number of pastors and other church leaders who are jumping on the technology wagon to stay connected with their congregations and communities in this time of COVID-19 global pandemic. I know for some church leaders, leveraging technology is common for their everyday ministries, but others are experiencing a steep learning curve.

Keep up the good work, my friends. No matter where you are at on this spectrum, keep learning new things and trusting God along the way. We are praying for you and your congregations as we all address the needs of going virtual in order to stay in community amidst social distancing.

The messages of hope and non-anxious presence you are providing are critical in this quickly changing season. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been teaching and preaching for many years that the Body of Christ is more than a building and that local congregations should be going “beyond the walls” of the physical church building to join God’s work in their neighborhoods. Who knew a global pandemic would force us to live into this reality more completely?

God is indeed working in our neighborhoods regardless of pandemic. Blessings on you and your faith community as you join God in the work of caring for the most vulnerable around you in this crisis. We hope the resources shared in this newsletter will be helpful for you. Let us know how we can further help you in the days ahead.

A Few Resources for Virtual Worship: